A journey through experiences of complicated pregnancies
If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this exhibition and project, or would like to know more about these, the following is a list of relevant groups and organisations for support or sources for further of information.

Parental Support

Aims logo web

Aims Ireland

Association to inform the public on Irish Maternity System, international best practices, identify areas of excellence and to advocate for them. Web: http://aimsireland.ie/

Nurture Health

Provides counselling and supports for depression and mental health issues during pregnancy or post-partum, traumatic Birth, premature babies, miscarriage, parental bereavement or crisis pregnancy.
Web: https://nurturehealth.ie/

Children in Hospital Ireland

Offers a supportive advisory phone, postal and e-mail service for parents and carers of sick children.
Web: https://childreninhospital.ie
Tel: +353 1 290 3510

Premature or infant support

rish Neonatal health alliance

Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

Provides pre-conceptual, antenatal and post natal support. Supports and mentors families affected by a premature birth and families with infants in the NICU.
Web: https://www.inha.ie/
Tel: 085 1920 602

Maternal Health Support

Postnatal depression Ireland

Postnatal Depression Ireland

Providing support and friendship to those suffering from Postnatal Depression
Web: http://www.pnd.ie/ 
Tel: 021 4922083


National helpline which offers support in confidence and over the phone to new mothers suffering with the baby blues or postnatal depression.
Web: www.parentline.ie/postnatal-depression/
Tel: 1890 927 277

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

A Little Lifetime Foundation

Provides support for parents and families whose baby has died or is expected to die. Provides specialist bereavement counselling.
Web: https://alittlelifetime.ie/ 
Tel: +353 1 882 9030

Anam Cara

Support for parents and siblings following the death of a child.
Web: https://anamcara.ie/
Tel: +353 (0)1 404 5378


Provides national bereavement counselling service specifically for children. Information and advice through helpline and counselling for bereaved children.
Web: https://www.barnardos.ie/ 
Tel: 1850 222 300

Bethany Bereavement Group

National bereavement support for adults: voluntary community and parish-based service, which aims to support bereaved adults through the grieving process
Web: https://www.bethany.ie/
Tel: 087 990 5299
Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland web

Ectopic Ireland

Provides information and support (rather than counselling) to those who have been affected by ectopic pregnancy. Advocates for the long-term needs of couples following ectopic pregnancy.
Web: http://ectopicireland.ie/medical-info/ 
Tel: 089 436 5742

Every Life Counts

Offers a support network for parents who have received a diagnosis that their child may not live for very long after birth.
Web: https://www.everylifecounts.ie/ 
Tel: 01 879 2382

One Day More

Supports parents who receive a poor pre-natal prognosis for their baby
Web: https://onedaymore.ie/
Tel: 086 0220362


Offers regular supports and provides a safe and confidential setting, for those bereaved through stillbirth or neonatal death to share their experiences. Provides hospitals with memory boxes for bereaved families.
Web: https://feileacain.ie/
Tel: (085) 249 6464

First Light

Offers professional supports to families following the unexpected loss of their child (crisis intervention and home visit; counselling; play therapy/counselling for siblings; among other).
Web: https://firstlight.ie/
Tel: 1850 391 391 (24H Helpline)

Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

A hub for those working with bereaved children, young people and their families.
Web: www.childhoodbereavement.ie/
Tel: 01 679 3188

Irish Hospice Foundation

Dedicated to all matters relating to dying, death and bereavement in Ireland.
Web: https://hospicefoundation.ie/
Tel: 1800 80 70 77 (Bereavement Support Line)

Leanbh Mo Chroí 
LMC Bereavement Support

A non-judgmental support group, run by parents who have experienced complex diagnoses including severe and fatal fetal anomaly during pregnancy. Supports parents who choose to interrupt the pregnancy and those who chose to continue. Web: https://lmcsupport.ie/


Provides professional care and support – including counselling, accommodation and life skills – to women, their children and families facing issues surrounding pregnancy, homelessness and parenthood, bereavement and loss.
Web: anew.ie/index.php/maternal-mental-health/
Tel: 1800 251 251 (Helpline)

Miscarriage Association of Ireland

Charitable body set up by, and with the support of women and men who themselves have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage.
Web: www.miscarriage.ie/index.html

One Family

Provides support to individual one-parent families as they parent through times of family, work and life change, and those experiencing a crisis pregnancy.
Web: https://onefamily.ie/
Tel: 01 662 9212 (Helpline)

Peas in a Pod

Group of bereaved parents who have lost a baby (babies) in a multiple pregnancy aiming to increase awareness and advocate on issues relating to loss of a twin(s) or triplet(s). 
Facebook Page

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Ireland

Webpage aiming to signpost bereaved parents and healthcare staff to support structures and knowledge about pregnancy and infant loss, in an Irish context.
Web: https://pregnancyandinfantloss.ie/
Vasa Praevia

Vasa Praevia Ireland

Campaign group promoting the interests of parents who receive a diagnosis of Vasa Praevia
Facebook Page
“Developing a Picture of us”
National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre,
Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 5th Floor,
Cork University Maternity Hospital, Wilton, Cork
+353 (0)21 420 5053
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