A journey through experiences of complicated pregnancies


“Beautiful exhibition- moved me to tears- I saw it with my 21-year-old daughter, Eva who was born 9 weeks early – she looked just like the photos here. Thank you for this.”
(AO, Carrigaline)
“I’m the aforementioned daughter, I found it an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing your stories.”
“If you have been through any of this- you know- you just know. Such things, get huge moments. So heart-warming to see this- those pictures- these mothers. Thank you.”
“As a researcher, going around the hospital every day, I never realised there is so much pain and suffering around the happy place with babies. Eye-opening, very touching. Thank you!”
“I think this is absolutely fantastic. I was blown away and felt really connected to other mothers who had gone through the same thing and had the same worries and anxieties. This is reality at its best, so heartfelt. Super job, everyone should see this.”

“This is a truly wonderful exhibition. I am a part of a project called ‘Stories from the womb’ – we offer retreat days for women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant loss the silence around our experiences of these things makes it even harder to hold, to cope with. Thank you for holding space for these stories, for teaching us about what it means to have these stories as part of our lives. Brave souls. Thank you.”
“What a beautiful and touching exhibition. It brought back a lot of the emotions I went through in neonatal unit and you all captured it so well. Thank you.”
“This exhibition is so beautiful, and the care given by parents and medical team is so inspiring.”
“Thank you for such a moving insight into an experience I knew nothing about. Compassion can be cultivated from art like this.”
“Thank you for such and beautiful heart-wrenching exhibition, having had a stillbirth myself and having had a grandson who was premature and has down syndrome, I found it very emotional.”
“Wonderful pictures depicting such emotional journeys. Thank you.”
“Thought-provoking, evocative, captures the complex mixture of hope, worry, fear, anger very well.”
“A good job of work showing different stages for moms and dads and babies it is all worth it once they start to grow.”
“My mother also experienced a complicated pregnancy, and it was so reassuring to visit this exhibition and see how other women experienced something similar. A triumph.”
“Powerful- as a dad of two healthy (thankfully!) little boys, brings me back to those hospital days and makes you realise how lucky one is to have a happy and healthy child- hope the people and babies in the exhibition are doing well.
“A beautiful if not difficult exhibit- I think lots of women don’t deal properly with the experiences we had around pregnancy and birth and exhibits like this are helpful even if it is hard! Thank you!”
“Poignant; illuminating; reaches the core; baby bump; memories; memories. Thank you!”
“Beautiful and very moving. So important for all healthcare professionals to see and remember when engaging with these families.”
“Vulnerable and very beautifully presented!”
“My mother also experienced a complicated pregnancy, and it was so reassuring to visit this exhibition and see how other women experienced something similar. A triumph.”

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